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We endeavour to provide our clients with a first-class service – helping our business clients to run their businesses and our individual clients to manage their finances.

Our website contains a wide range of guidance including tax planning, financial services and business information, which we trust you will find useful. Visit our services section to see how we can be of assistance to you. To discuss how we can help you further, please Contact us We look forward to working with you

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What we do?

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Tax services for individuals

Tax doesn’t just cost money – it takes time, too, which is something enterprising people can rarely spare. From tax returns to tax planning, we provide the support you need.

Frictionless tax service

Managing tax is at the heart of everything we do. It is a complex topic, and seems to get more so with every passing year, but that shouldn’t be your problem. With our advice and support, there’s no reason for it to get in the way of the growth of your business.

Tax services for business

Knowing that your corporation tax return is under control, and that your business is claiming all the reliefs to which it is entitled, leaves you free to focus on achieving growth.

Business services

We’ve made our name working with established businesses and startups, offering sharp advice on company structures, tax planning and managing growth.

Personal services

For small and medium-sized enterprise operators, business is personal. Maximise the output from your hard work with smart advice on tax strategy.

Seamless tax assistance

Effectively handling taxes is the focal point of all our endeavors. Although the subject is intricate and appears to become more intricate each year, that should not burden you. With our guidance and assistance, there’s no need for it to hinder the progress of your business growth.

Tax services for individuals

Tax not only incurs financial costs but also demands time, a commodity often scarce for enterprising individuals. Whether it’s handling tax returns or engaging in tax planning, we offer the assistance you require.

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Business tax services

Having the assurance that your corporate tax return is well-managed and that your business is availing all eligible reliefs allows you the freedom to concentrate on driving growth.

Expertise and Productivity

AA Accountancy stands as an accountancy firm forged from four decades of experience catering to businesses in London and across the UK. Our robust 30-member team boasts 15 qualified accountants, each equipped with a diverse set of skills and unmatched expertise.

Your collaboration with us will be enjoyable. We get straight to the point, communicating in the language of business. Our accountancy services are consistently tailored to assist businesses in reaching their maximum potential.

Proven Professionals Our senior team, with an impressive history of providing clients with success through tax planning and strategic business advice, brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

How Can We Assist You?

Whether you seek forward-thinking, strategic guidance or hands-on assistance with the everyday intricacies of business operations, Alton & Co provides a comprehensive range of accountancy services. From handling corporation tax returns to strategic personal tax planning, and from managing bookkeeping to supporting business startups, our team is prepared to accompany you on your path to growth.